“Rangers” fan wont stop talking about UEFA co-efficient points, despite not having earned one in their history prior to July

There has been much adulation around the Govan area of Glasgow in recent weeks due to the fact that a club referred to by their followers as “Rangers”, has finaly started to accumulated UEFA Co-efficient points.

The system, which allocated points to each member nation based on their clubs performances in europe, determines how many places each country will get each season in european competition.

Dicky Wright, a 52 year old fan who claimed to have supported the club all his life, despite it only existing for 6 of those 52 years, states in a misinformed tweet “We are earning the lion-share of the co-efficient points for Scotland this year, we are ra peepul! #scotlandsgallantfew”.

Wright conveniently ignored tweets from fans of other clubs, advising that the co-efficient is based over performances over 5 seasons, all of which his club were not eligible for.

Wright responded by calling the tweeters “bead rattlers”, stating that his club has existed since 1872, despite legal rulings and liquidations to the contrary.

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