The Cry Was “No Defender” | Celtic Supporter Dismisses Defensive Concerns Following Rosenborg Clean Sheet

A Celtic supporter has lamented criticisms of the defence from fellow supporters following last night’s result in Norway. The argument comes amidst calls for investment at the back which, in their view, is a rather extreme proposition.

The man in question – who is a seasoned supporter and will not hesitate to tell you so – appeared to be visibly angered by these concerns, citing last night’s clean sheet as evidence of our defensive capabilities.

“The result is all that matters” he said assertively, before discussing his experience of the dark days to such an extent that the sense of ignorance this implied had some supporters questioning just how they had the audacity to hold an opinion of their own.


Despite conceding the most goals of any team in last year’s group stage, with what was essentially the same defence, the man maintained that a defensive signing wasn’t necessary and that supporters should stop criticising the team and “get behind the Bhoys”, or something fairly reasonable like that. This was met with a variety of responses that frequently involved Jack Hendry.

Marvin Compper was approached but could not be reached for further comment, as his whereabouts in this dimension is currently unknown.

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