Best of Bertie

Happy 79th birthday Bertie Auld!

A Lisbon Lion, an ambassador and a true hero among our support is auld Bertie – Read on for some of his best quotes.

Peter Martin: What’s the best away result you can remember in your life?
Bertie: I cannae tell ye that, the wife will be watching

Bertie on off the ball with Tam Cowan “Did you know that one of the Lisbon Lions was gay? Give us a kiss and I’ll tell you who it was”

Auld in the tunnel with John Greig of Rangers
Greig: What’s your bonus the day wee man?
Auld: £5
Greig: We’re on £10
Auld: But ours is guaranteed

“We work hard all week, but on a Saturday we get the day off to play football”

When asked what the score would be in a match between the Lisbon Lions and Rangers 9 in a row team in the early 90’s:
“If I’m honest I think it’d be a draw, but most of us are in our sixties”

And the best for last…

This is Bertie’s on field conversation with referee Tiny Wharton.
Bertie: Mr. Wharton, see if I called you a b*stard would you send me off?
Wharton: Yes, nobody calls me a b*stard.
Bertie: Mr Wharton, see if I just thought you were a b*stard would you send me off?
Wharton: No because you only think that
Bertie: Well I think you’re a b*stard

2 thoughts on “Best of Bertie

  1. A true character, football could do with more of them. A legend, like all the lions and Mr Stein were. A credit to the club! 😆


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